Feng Shui Space Balancing

I practice traditional Chinese Form School and Compass School Feng Shui; what I like to call ‘acupuncture for buildings.’


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The Feng Shui Space Balancing Process

My feng shui interior design process is less based on superstition and myth but is based on solid traditional feng shui principles that are very effective and can help to enhance areas of your life such as health, wealth, love, career and more.

My typical Feng Shui interior design consultation includes:

  • Balanced Living Design tips
  • Numerology
  • Personal pa kua
  • Life aspiration areas
  • Space clearing

There are four fundamental steps to my process:

1. Questionnaire

I want to get to know you and your desires for your space before we meet.

The questionnaire will have you answer questions such as “What is your favorite room?” and “What is your least favorite room, and why? How do you sleep at night?”

From these questions, I’ll be able to ascertain in which areas you might be lacking and how to balance all aspects of your space.

2. Analysis and Design Recommendations

Once we have an idea of what to focus on, I will carefully prepare a detailed Feng Shui analysis for you.

With the help of a floor plan, this analysis will allow me to locate the meridian points in your home or business to then be implemented in creating your new feng shui design, as well as allow me to recommend items to improve the look and feel of your space.

3. Space Strategy Consultation

I will visit your San Diego Area home or office to spend two or three hours with you.

During this time, we’ll go through each room so I can see how they are laid out and designed, and how I can improve upon what’s already there. Clients usually feel a difference in their space even before we conclude our meeting!

My strategy consultation has two parts:

  • Energy (life aspirations and the ‘feel’ of each room)
  • Form (furniture placement, wall art, color schemes)

Both are equally important in my Feng Shui design consultation, and when combined, will create a holistic improvement within your home.

4. Feng Shui Design Implementation

Once I’ve seen your home or office and gotten an idea of how each should be designed, I will provide you with an individualized list of recommendations as well as a folder with other guide and reference materials.

I always try to suggest easily available and affordable items to make your feng shui space complete.

My unique, holistic approach to Feng Shui home design achieves more than aesthetics; it treats the whole home as a reflection of who you are.

Together, we can make your home feel like the sanctuary it’s supposed to be.

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