Feng shui and pets go together like peaches and cream. A pet gives you something to care about and nurture. It spreads positive energy in your home and life, which makes for excellent feng shui.

Their presence in our homes brings peace and harmony and raises the overall chi. Pets have their own chi and their energy, joy, and liveliness create an energized home even when we ourselves aren’t in it. Caring for an animal, be it a cat or dog, a bird or bunny, is one of the greatest displays of love we can show in our homes – and displays of love are wonderful feng shui.

But remember that your pet is also affected by your home’s environment, just like you. Create a space that is healing and nurturing for both you and your pets. To live in harmony with your pet, consider the following feng shui pet guidelines.

Take Good Care of your Pet

Never neglect your pets. Feed, bathe and nurture them properly, or your own chi may suffer. A fish tank placed in the north career meridian with stagnant, dirty water can translate to a slow down in your career and life journey. I would not recommend to place a cat litter box in any of your meridian areas as meridian spots are to be kept clean and uncluttered.

Always remember: The way you treat animals (or any living being, for that matter) has a strong impact on your own sense of well-being and self-image.

Give your Pet his own corner

Your pets should have a special corner in your house, designated only to them. This can be a comfortable cage, a bed, or a simple cushion. It will honor your pet and thereby benefit the household. However given the choice, a cat or dog will most likely choose his or her own area of comfort and safety since animals are more intuitive than humans. Animals instinctively protect their back by choosing a spot to sleep in that allows them to quickly observe what goes on around them. Pets like anything else, practice feng shui for the purpose of perpetuating the species. So, even when your dog chooses to lay in the middle of your way, he is signaling you that he wants to be near you and perceives his position as safe.

Assume the Master Position

As much as we bond with and cherish our furry housemates, don’t go against the natural order of life by letting your pets run the show. Pets, especially dogs, respond to and appreciate the natural human-to-animal hierarchy.

If your pet exhibits destructive or nuisance behaviors, you are not likely to enjoy coming home. As your home is your sanctuary and your place of solace and enjoyment, assuming a clear and consistent leadership position is needed to help animals adopt and maintain healthy behaviors. A happy pet owner makes for happy pets and vice versa.

the Feng Shui Aquarium

As mentioned above, the north meridian point in your home or business is related to career and one’s life journey. In order to optimize this life aspiration area, the north meridian point needs to be stimulated with the water element. An aquarium is a very nice option as the water should be moving at all times. Keep the pump running constantly and smoothly. The destructive element to water is earth and the depleting element to water is wood. This eliminates the use of plants and rocks as decorations, but many aquariums fair well with artificial plants and man-made gravel materials.

An easy and smaller aquarium solution can be a betta fish in a simple glass bowl. Glass is a neutral element and the swimming motion of the fish keeps the water moving. Female betta fish can be placed together in one bowl, whereas male betta fish are better kept solitary.

Remember: to always keep your aquarium scrupulously clean, regardless of where you choose to place it. Clear, clean and flowing water is vital to keep its energy nourishing to both you and your fish.

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