Floral Arrangements

The pièce de résistance!

Enhance any home or business setting with a beautiful custom floral arrangement.

What kind of floral arrangements are offered?

  • Custom orchid or seasonal floral arrangements for private or corporate clients.
  • Monthly floral subscriptions or special event decor.
  • Life aspiration area enhancement through live plants.
  • Faux Botanicals for home, Office, or Outdoors

How can I purchase floral arrangements?

Planted orchid, succulent, and air plant arrangements are custom made and available for any one-time or monthly occasion. Orchid arrangements start at $ 80.00 and last up to 8-10 weeks.

Additionally, I am thrilled to now introduce ‘faux’ botanicals in my creations. Faux botanicals and florals have come a very long way! Faux botanicals now rival real plants in look, feel, and texture.

My faux botanical creations are all bespoke in design and hand crafted. I carefully select the highest quality materials and pour my creative soul in to them.

Faux botanicals are gorgeous in any space and a wonderful alternative for low light spaces, frequent travelers, pet households, and generally hassle-free. 

Email: info@dcontiliving.com

Floral Arrangement Services in San DIego

To learn more about my floral arrangements, take a look at my portfolio or send me an email.