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If you’ve been searching for a way to organize and declutter your home, you’ve come to the right place!


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The Home Organization Design Process

My tidy designs will create and restore the functionality and efficiency of your household or office.

Organizing and decluttering is an important aspect in creating a well rounded and healthy home; a tidy and well-organized home or workplace enhances comfort, joy, and productivity. It’s the perfect platform from which to start your day, and a much needed sanctuary after a long day at work.

I base my home organization principles on the teachings of Marie Kondo’s The Joy of Tidying, or The KonMari Method. The idea is to bring joy in to your home and to eliminate the items that don’t. In this way, we learn to appreciate each of our material possessions and place a value on them that goes beyond their physical purpose. The process involves purging what you don’t need or want, and then creating an organizational system for keeping the things you do want.

There are four fundamental steps to my process:

1. Phone Consultation

I offer my Home Organization clients a free 20-minute initial consultation, where I will assess your home organizational needs and discuss which areas of your home you’d like most to improve.

I’ll get to know your style and aesthetic, and also determine the scope of the project.

2. Free Space Assessment and Proposal

I’ll put together an initial proposal for your home organization plan; whether it’s cleaning and purging or a complete organizational makeover.

3. Organizational Strategy Plan

Together, we’ll discuss your final organizational strategy plan and you’ll be able to make adjustments or changes to the proposal I put together.

I’ll make additional suggestions on cleaning, clearing, purging, folding, organizing, and storage solutions such as shelving, storage containers, drawer organizers, etc.

Once the plan is finalized, we’ll either implement the changes together or I will outline a detailed plan of action for you to implement on your own time, all the while infusing your home with new tranquility, peace, and efficiency.

4. Review & Progress Check-in

Once the home organization process has been completed, we’ll do a final review and I’ll check in with you and how you feel about your newly organized space.

Oftentimes, this meeting will provide me with valuable feedback that I can use with my future home organization clients!

What I love most about home organization is the fact that it comes full circle with interior design and the emotive principles of Feng Shui.

My unique, holistic approach to Home Organization achieves more than aesthetics; it treats the whole home as a reflection of who you are.

Together, we can make your home feel like the sanctuary it’s supposed to be.

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