I am pumped for 2020 and all of the new trends in interior design. It’s exciting to take stock of where trends are heading and what’s fun, fresh, and new at the beginning of a new year. Since kitchens are the crown jewel of every home, my first interior design blog of 2020 highlights what’s trending in kitchen design this year.

When I think of popular modern kitchens; clean, bright, and shiny surfaces come to mind. Modern country kitchens have given us a bit more character, but are still in essence clean, buttoned -up white and blue kitchens. Don’t get me wrong I love a crisp white kitchen, but I am ready for the movement toward more contrast and texture. I love that open shelving is here to stay and I see interesting brackets being added to floating shelve concepts. Plate racks are making a come-back and boldly mixed and matched hardware is used for handles, faucets, and lighting. The monochrome white kitchen is infused with fun pops of color and lots of wooden elements. Surfaces like upper and lower cabinets are no longer matchy-matchy, but are being mixed and matched as well. Stand-out sinks are made from creative materials like soap stone and ceilings are being done up gloriously. Non-kitchen related accessories are used to bring interest and fun in to the scheme. The new trends in kitchen design seem more holistic as they marry more extremes and incorporate more natural materials. 





The traditional feeling of “life happens around the kitchen table” is back! If the additional storage is not needed or the kitchen is overall smaller, why not consider a table as work surface?!


  • Kitchen islands can look huge and monolithic. Kitchen tables make a kitchen look more airy and a small kitchen won’t look as blocked off.
  • Adjustable industrial-style stools can serve as additional seating.
  • Make the table a visually appealing focal point by either using a stunning tabletop or creative under-mount.
  • A rectangular dining table like a harvest table are options as well. Whoever said you have to stand when you are preparing dinner?!


There are countless ways of infusing a kitchen with color from backsplashes, appliances, flooring, ceilings, accessories, to wallpaper and more. Let’s infuse anemic kitchen designs with color- lots of it!!

  • Be brave and commit to your favorite color for kitchen cabinets. It will cheer you up every day and bring depth and interest to your kitchen design.
  • If you are just looking to spice up your kitchen but don’t feel like committing to a bold whimsy, try colorful stick and peel tiles for a backsplash to get your feet wet.
  • Practical pieces like appliances don’t have to be black, white, or steel. Liven up your kitchen with statement pieces like colorful appliances from Lacanche (shown here in picture above), Big Chill, or Smeg.
  • Colorful kitchen or pendant lighting can go a long way and is easily updated or matched with fabrics for chairs or stools.



Texture brings a sense of groundedness and inviting warmth to any room but especially smooth, cool kitchen spaces. Texture can be applied in small, deliberate measures to be visually interesting and emotionally satisfying.


  • My favorite way of bringing texture to a kitchen is through hand-made tiles. Hand-made tiles are a huge trend and instantly enhance a kitchen with the “wow” effect. Tiles don’t have to be hand-made to bring textural flair, but can stand out through strong patterns and colorful detail.
  • Flooring can be laid in eye catching patterns like herringbone or chevron to invoke a sense of texture.
  • Wood, wood, wood! I love combining wood with almost anything. Metal, stone, or leather in combination with wood are guaranteed to feel warm and rich.
  • I am a plant lover and could have plants in every space if possible. Plants have strong “chi” since they are living elements, plus, leafy green is a huge color favorite these days.

In Conclusion

My holistic designs always include a variety of trendy and individualistic elements. I assist my clients in finding their individual sweet spot when it comes to expressing who they are and what really brings deep satisfaction from living or working in their space. When it comes to new and bold trends, start small if you are just testing the waters and remember that it’s just a material choice not a tattoo. 

D Conti Living’s goal is to offer interior design and feng shui services that complement each other. When feng shui and interior design work together, the result is harmony, joy, and abundance.

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