“Should I avoid red in the bedroom? Will a red front door attract good luck to my home?  What color will bring wealth, health, or a mate in to my life? The answer to these questions is simply this: no specific color has the power to do any of these things or turn your life around.  It is a popular misconception that specific color placement is part of feng shui’s power to enhance and transform lives. If it was that easy, every home would look the same. While certain colors relate to feng shui elements, the main power of color is to enhance your home and make you feel good. When you feel good in a space, you know that good feng shui is at play.

There is such creative freedom in that awareness, because color choices and preferences are as unique as there are color swatches in a paint store. Individual taste in color stems from all kinds of influences such as our culture, current trends, our unique childhood experiences, our sense of fashion, and just simply what delights us and makes us feel good. Feng shui is all about feeling good in a space. Your relationship with colors is personal and emotional, so don’t limit yourself to a set of color rules that may not match any of your belongings, or worse, your mood.

Here are three solid color choice guidelines to surely bring good feng shui to your home (or office).

#1 Pick a color anchor

Base the color of your walls, soft furnishings, accessories, wall art, or furniture on the colors in your favorite things in a room. You may have purchased a stunning new rug that is the conversation piece of your living room. Pull colors out of the rug and flow them throughout the room decor. When it comes to choosing a wall color, believe it or not, it is best chosen last. That way it can create the perfect cohesive canvas to support all your other color choices around the space.

#2 How colors can Open rooms

Room size is a variable that can greatly benefit by the right color choice. A small room is made visually larger by painting one or two darker accent (or feature) walls. This gives a sense of dimensional depth to the room. Keep colors generally lighter in small spaces to maximize the reflective power of paint. Check the light reflective value (LRV) on the back of your color swatch. The higher that number, the more light is reflected back in to the room. Bring height to a room with low ceilings by playing with geometric patterns like stripes on the walls or use floor-to-ceiling contrasting colored drapes. This  draws the eyes up and gives the impression of taller ceilings.

#3 Combining colors

Trying to pair and combine colors? Now that you bought your gorgeous rug you wonder what color sofa, accessories, pillows, or wall art to pair it with. This may sound rudimentary, but employee the help of a good old color wheel. I love the color wheel, it is like a magic color combination decoder. It doesn’t take long to familiarize yourself with the color wheel and you can easily create beautifully harmonizing color compositions. Sometimes we don’t think of incorporating certain colors until we happen to see them together. My tip is to play with colors and ‘color outside the box’ sometimes.

In conclusion

Color is one of my favorite aspects of interior design. Color is a gift originated in nature that gives wings to the imagination and birth to visual feasts. I would never allow a set of predetermined color choices to box me in. I play and experiment with colors all the time and nothing delights me more than when I discover a new fabulous hue that perfectly harmonizes with its context. So always remember, if a color makes you feel good it’s good feng shui!

D Conti Living’s goal is to offer interior design and feng shui services that complement each other. When feng shui and interior design work together, the result is harmony, joy, and abundance.

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