More and more people around the globe work remotely these days. They are the self-employed, the corporate part-time remote workers, or the really independent, nomadic freelancers. Many individuals and employers find that the work/life balance benefits productivity. According to Small Business Trends, almost 4 million people work at least half the week from home. The proper home office environment is now more important than ever.

  • A home office should never be an afterthought. High-traffic hallway nooks, utility rooms, dining room tables, or (worst) the master bedroom don’t make for good home office feng shui. A home office should be thoughtfully chosen and given the respect that the work it produces deserves. Not every home has the luxury of a separate room that can be utilized as a home office, but it’s important to designate an area that feels comfortable and is free from distractions.
  • I always recommend to make the guest room (if that is the only extra room) the home office since the actual days guests occupy the room are far fewer than the days the room would make for a suitable home office. If you don’t want to lose the space for guests, switch the guest bed for a comfortable futon or pull-out couch to let the office double as a guest room when need be.
  • Never, ever set-up your home office in the actual bedrooms. Bedrooms are for rest, relaxation, and intimacy. Nothing should leave the visual impression of unfinished or looming work when you retire.
  • Rooms or spaces in the front of the house are usually more conducive to productivity since the energy there tends to be stronger.
  • Make your designated home office as aesthetically, psychologically, and ergonomically pleasing as possible.
  • Add healthy plants to your space. Plants are great feng shui and it is proven that workers are more productive and less anxious in work environments with plants.
  • The right choice for working furniture is crucial. Ergonomically friendly workstations, desks, and chairs are proven to prevent physical injury, fatigue, and lack of performance.
  • The room layout and furniture placement is also very important. Set your survival instinct at ease by placing the desk in the “command position”. The command position is in the far corner of the room. That way your back is protected, and you have a good view of the door without being directly in line of it.
  • Motivating and pleasing decor and wall art are vital.
  • If your home office lacks good natural lighting, consider full spectrum light bulbs or installing a skylight.
  • Many couples or roommates share a home office. However, people often don’t share the same work habits. Make sure that a shared office space meets every worker’s needs. A visual boundary through bookshelves, screens, or plants can aid in avoiding feeling distracted or territorial.
  • Desk positioning is always important even when accommodating multiple desks in a small space. Position desks so that both workers can see the door and sit with the back to the wall (or window). Never place the desks straight across from each other. This arrangement can be perceived as a confrontation position.
  • Rotate workspaces periodically or set up alternate workspaces outside of the room so each person gets their turn at using the office alone or in the more preferred position.

Wherever you decide to create your home office or work station, my # 1 Feng Shui rule is to keep it clutter-free and organized. A neat and organized work space aids concentration and motivation.

I would love to help you figure out the ideal location, energy flow, and decor for your home office.

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